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Licking schoolgirls threesome fantasy for boyfriend after a night out
March 28th, 2013 under Amateur, Brunette. [ Comments: none ]

This is a night out that ends in the girls in fantasy play and trying to get into eachother when the boyfriend comes out and has sex with them both while filming this homemade amateur porn!

Stripteasing and dancing girlfriend gets reality porn sex
November 2nd, 2012 under Amateur, Couples, Party Girls, Redhead. [ Comments: none ]

This boyfriend is lucky and he knows it.  I put my hottest skirt on and let him know by stripping a bit and sliding my ass on his private area to get him hard before I get down and let him inside me for more sex and stuff!  I’m trying to film more reality porn as couples sex is beyond hot 😀

French Canadian hotel hottie goes down on me!
September 20th, 2009 under Amateur, Redhead. [ Comments: none ]

We all dream of getting wasted, opening up our hotel doors and inviting hotties into our room. We’ll I ain’t eighteen years old anymore so I gotta hit the pavement and work the hotties. This HOT amateur ACTUALLY tells me yes and we head back to my room. Its a little weird at first as I can’t understand much of what she sais – but that red hair gets me hard and working so she finally understands sex and we get it on!

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Drunk party girl wakes up to make out!
May 11th, 2009 under Drunk, Lesbian, Party Girls, Redhead. [ Comments: none ]

So its a party!  Check these naked lesbian hotties out hehe – i remember this night like it was yesterday and I get to tell the truth cuz i filmed it!  The redhead chick was uber horny over the crazy whiskey shooting black haired hottie.  She gets pretty funned out and they get into it – the hesitation is cute then.. haha 😉 great party girl if you ask me!

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Crazy asian babe steals innocent blondes virginity!
February 15th, 2008 under Asian, Blonde, Lesbian, Public Nudity. [ Comments: none ]

Crazy nights for sure, Kammy this tiny asian chick goes wild on this real country looking blonde she finds outside a bar just outside of our city. I’m talking massively shy. Innocense at its best – but no more, this crazy babe takes her upstairs and goes complete lesbian fest on her and in the end gets some of her own courteousy the bathroom faucet!


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Sleeping security, skinny dipping women partying!
May 24th, 2007 under Brunette, Drunk, Lesbian, Party Girls, Public Nudity. [ Comments: none ]

Best night of my life, security must have been enjoying the show – these girls went nude at this hotel at a VERY gorgeous pool, in a steam room, making out, skinny dipping, and fun drinking. I’m speachless as to how amazing this was!

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Public nudity in this crazy hotel fun!
May 10th, 2007 under Amateur, Lesbian, Party Girls, Public Nudity. [ Comments: none ]

Damn man I was pissed, I had to run around this hotel as these two dykes went wild on my party.  We had to hide in a stairwell as security was trying to find us!  These party girls should be secluded to there room to party and muff dive!

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